"Women Are Being Attacked Each And Every
Day Around The World.  Itís Time That
Women Stop The Violence TODAY!"

Woman Deserve To Know How To Protect Them
Self Or Those They Love, Against Those Who
Want To Hurt Them Or Their Loved Ones.

From: Rick Ector - Certified Firearms Instructor & Personal Protection Specialist
          Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit

Updated: May 4, 2011

Dear Friend:

The statistics on violence against women are staggering Ė even overwhelming.  Often, women are thought of as the weaker sex, unable to defend themselves effectively against a strong male attacker.  Itís this kind of thinking that hurt women.

The truth is that women CAN and SHOULD fight back when they are threatened.  It takes a lot of courage to fight back, though, and many myths exist regarding womenís self-defense training.  These myths include:

  • You have to learn martial arts to defend yourself

  • Thereís no way you can over-power your attacker

  • Just give in and let them have what they want

  • If someone wants to get to you, they will no matter what you do

  • All you need to know to defend yourself is how to fight

All of these statements are, indeed, myths.  There are many, many ways you can protect yourself from being compromised or assaulted.  They donít necessarily involve martial arts, they donít require you to know how to fight, and they definitely donít require you to give in to your attacker.

You Donít Have To Be A Victim!

Self defense is about ending a violent attack against your person.  Self defense is not about sparring and exchanging blows with another person.  You see, the best self defense of all is to not put yourself in harmís way.  The second best self defense technique is to run.  If neither of these options are available, you MUST know how to defend yourself to save your life.

There are tons and tons of information out there regarding self defense for women and how to make sure that no one gets the upper hand when trying to overcome you.  In fact, having all that information, literally, at your fingertips can be confusing.  The truth is, there is really not one right way to defend yourself.  The decision is a personal one and definitely depends on the situation.

Donít Get Take In By All The Self-Help Programs That
Donít Give You All The Facts.  Start Here!

It's true that there are hundreds and hundreds of people out there willing to sell you the best book on martial arts, the most wonderful guide to gun ownership ever, the best way to administer a ďgroin shotĒ, etc.  Some of these guides are great resources, but theyíre not for everyone.

How can you weed through all of the ďfool-proofĒ techniques and figure out whatís right for you?  You may not be able to, but having too much information is better than having not enough.  Which is why weíre proud to offer to you our amazing e-book, ďSelf Defense for Women:  Donít Be Another Statistic.Ē 

We are presenting you with all sides of defending yourself against violence.  There is no ONE way that is right.  You deserve to be fully prepared.  The amount of information out there can be overwhelming.  We understand.  Thatís why we wrote this book!

Why Buy 10 Books When You Can Buy Just This One?

Doesnít quite make sense, does it?  We have packed so much information into the pages of this book, it could have been over a hundred pages, but itís not.  Itís easy to read and gets right to the point in just over 60 pages.

Donít Spend Hours Reading Books And Articles That
Wonít Help. All You Need Is THIS Book!

The fact is that women are attacked more often and more violently than any other group of people.  That includes all races, ages, and demographic pigeonholes.  Women are looked on as vulnerable and easy targets.  Thatís why the statistics are so high.

Itís time to bring those numbers down and empower women against violent attacks.  With this e-book, youíll find all sorts of information and, best of all, an answer to the question, ďHow do I defend myself when Iím not sure I can?Ē

Inside the pages of this book, weíve given you real life stories that illustrate the mistakes that some women who are victims of violence have made.  Weíll address those mistakes and show you how to avoid them.

There are many, many opportunities out there for attacks.  These include:

  • Rape

  • Car Jacking

  • Purse Snatching

  • Domestic Violence

  • Home Invasion

  • Being Followed by An Unmarked Police Car

  • Walking Along the Street

  • Workplace Violence

  • And more

Thatís whatís so disturbing about this predicament:  violence can happen anywhere.  That includes at home, at work, at the grocery store, in schools, or on a shopping trip.  No one is truly and completely safe all the time.

If youíre reading this and considering this e-book for someone you love, rest assured, this is a comprehensive guide that has put together information from many different sources including martial arts experts, gun advocates, and self defense proponents.

ďSelf Defense for Women:  Donít Be Another StatisticĒ can give you and your female loved ones piece of mind when out in the world with practical advice that anyone can put into use immediately.

Self-defense is all about surviving a situation where there is a very real risk of physical harm. This requires first-hand knowledge of techniques you can use to defend yourself without thinking. However, not everyone has enough time to learn a multitude of techniques. What everyone really needs is just a handful of simple yet effective techniques that are useful for any situation. Thatís what weíre providing you TODAY!      

Martial arts classes are great, but it takes a very long time to get proficient enough in the system to be able to use it for self defense.  What will do in the meantime?  What if something happens and you are clueless about what to do in that situation?

By ordering ďSelf Defense for Women:  Donít Be Another StatisticĒ today, youíll be able to learn about common sense self defense options you might have never thought about.  Such options as:

  • Using perfume as a deterrent

  • How to make a car key a lethal weapon

  • What to scream other than ďHelp!Ē

  • Getting out of a car your attacker has cornered you in

  • Talking yourself through an attack Ė and talking your attacker out of it

  • Plus SO MUCH MORE!

There are hundreds of ways that you can avoid becoming a victim of violence.  Even when that violence occurs in your own home!  Domestic violence is the worst type to have to defend yourself against.  Would you really be able to use brute force against your partner?  What if he was attacking you?  Would you be able to then?

The key here is to change your mindset and remember that whether you are attacked on the street or in your own bedroom, you have the right to defend yourself!  It doesnít really matter if you know your attacker or not.

We Donít Need Anymore Rising Statistics!

The time to fight back is NOW!  Megan is glad she did!


ďI never thought Iíd be able to defend myself in a violent situation.
When I read this book, I realized that I have the right to defend
myself.  Not only the right, but the ability as well!  If I hadnít
gotten the valuable information in this book, Iíd be just another
victim.  Thanks!'

Megan From California

Shelly gave us the following testimonial:


ďI was walking to my car after finishing a long shift at the local
bar.  I always knew my job was a bit of a risky one Ė especially
since I would rarely get out of work before midnight.  I would
always get a little ďfreaked outĒ walking to my car alone.  Now
that I have the information you have given me, I donít have to
worry anymore.  I know I can defend myself!Ē

Shelly From Alabama


This incredible book is a true bargain at just $17.  Thatís a fraction of the cost that you will spend if you go to your local book store and get a book on self defense.  In fact, itís much less than what you will spend for martial arts or hands-on self defense instruction.  And itís something you can refer to again and again.

Itís true, we have given you all sorts of information about how women can defend themselves against violent attacks in many different situations at a bargain price.  You canít really put a price on your safety, can you? 

But we understand how you might be skeptical - especially since there are other guides out there for twice our price.  How do you know you will be getting a comprehensive guide like weíve promised?  Thatís because we stand behind what we sell.

We are willing to provide you with a 100 percent money-back guarantee if our book isnít exactly what we says it is.  That guarantee comes with no questions asked.  We think itís so important for women to take their own safety into their own hands.  We wouldnít ask you to put your blind trust in us.

Thatís Why We Guarantee What We Sell

Our Famous, 100%, 90 Day Money-Back 
Clear As Black-And-White Guarantee!

If After Using What You Learn From My Book, You Don't Learn How To Successfully Defend Yourself From Attackers, I'll personally Buy My Book Back From You & You Get A 100%, No-Hassle Refund!

('And you can even keep the book for free
as a thank you for trying it out!')


You truly have nothing to lose.  However, when it comes to violent attacks, thereís plenty to lose!  Protect yourself and protect those around you.  Share the information you get in this book Ė we want you to!

After reading this book, you will be able to venture out into the world knowing you are safer than you ever have been before.  You can walk with confidence knowing that you have the most information you have ever been given before about defending yourself against a violent attack.

Itís time the violence against women stops Ė RIGHT NOW!  Order ďSelf Defense For Women:  Donít Be Another StatisticĒ today for the low, low price of $17.  With our money-back guarantee, thereís no way you can lose.  Well, unless you donít order.  Then what you lose could be much more drastic!

Stay safe and keep your loved ones safe!

With sincere wishes,

Rick Ector
Certified Firearms Instructor
Personal Protection Specialist
Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit

P.S.  Remember, thereís NO RISK at all when you order ďSelf Defense for Women:  Donít Be Another StatisticĒ.  Weíll give you a 100 percent money back guarantee for 90 days after you order.  Isnít $17 well worth the price of piece of mind?  We think so!

P.P.S.  Donít wait Ė order today!  Tomorrow, you might need to use what we have to tell you!  Itíd be a shame if you didnít have our information.  Seriously, with a money-back guarantee, you might as well!