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Why Detroit CCW?

We have serviced the Detroit area for over 2 decades initially with our carry and conceal courses. Eventually, we’ve become one of the most accredited firearm curriculum in Michigan.

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Our Mission is; “To empower citizens with the education, training, and mindset to defend themselves in an increasingly violent time”

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Our clientele is a diverse body of people from all types of backgrounds: corporate executives, ex-military personell, current government employees, attorneys, business owners,

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However, if the moment happens you will be well prepared.

"Hey! I just wanted to let u know that I really enjoyed your class and since then I've referred a few of my co-workers to participate just this past month and they also enjoyed themselves and learned a whole about carrying a concealed weapon. Expect more of my coworkers to take the class. On behalf of me and Wayne County Roads keep up the Great Work!!! :-))"
Ms. D. Montgomery, Detroit

My story

Rick Ector CEO, Lead Instructor

Our Mission is; “To empower citizens with the education, training, and mindset to defend themselves in an increasingly violent time”

Ector, an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Air Force, is a current Detroit resident and is the proud father four great children whom he is adamant about protecting in this increasingly violent world.

  •  NRA Board of Directors Candidate
  • Appointed NRA Training Counselor
  •  Appointed NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
  •  NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
  •  NRA Certified Range Safety
  •  NRA Membership Recruiter


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As featured on Politiken, AP, UPI, Huffington Post, Politics Daily, TownHall Magazine, Loop21, Fox News, US News, NRAnews, Gun Owners of America, Associated Baptist Press, Fox News Detroit, MLive, WDIV News, WXYZ News, CBS News Detroit, WWJ News, WJR News, WILS News, Hometown Life, “Let It Rip,” “Charlie Langton Show,” “Doc Thompson Show,” “Warren Pierce Show,” “Your Voice with Angelo Henderson,” “Mason in the Morning,” “The Malik Shabazz Show, “Focus Forum with Tracey McCaskill,” ” Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Detroit Examiner, LA Examiner, Deadline Detroit, Real Detroit Weekly, Oakland Press, Macomb Daily, South End, WJLB, AmmoLand, Shooting Illustrated, The GunMag, Guns Digest, Gun Magazine, Tactical Life, Outdoor Life, Urban Shooter Podcast, Truth About Guns, and numerous others…

Mr. Ector has been featured in the following published books: Detroit City Is The Place To Be (Benelli, Mark. Metropolitan Books. 2012) and Gun Guys: A Road Trip (Baum, Dan. Knopf. 2013).

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