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CCW/CPL Class Photos - Metro Detroit

Handgun grip is important.

Our Chief Instructor teaching stances.

Our Chief Instructor observing stances.

Chief Instructor assisting with grip.

We teach by doing - the NRA way.

Chief Instructor teaching sight alignment.

MI Bar approved Attorney teaching law.

One-on-One shooting training in booth.

Half of our students are women.

Another bullseye shooter trained.

Women make great shooters.

This student is a natural.

Lecture on ammo types.

Want to shoot like this?

Student showing off target.

Another bullseye shooter trained.

Another woman shooter.
Reasons For Gun Ownership
Testimonials From Satisfied Former CCW/CPL Students - Metro Detroit

Student Testimonials About Our Michigan CCW Class

"Hello Rick! I don't know if you remember me, but my name is [Editorial Edit Removal] and I took your CCW class back in June of 2008. After I took your class I went through all of the steps of getting my CCW license. I just wanted you to know that I got my revolver the last week of December 2008. I registered it and now I am ready to carry it. I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the class and really learned a lot from it. I am telling people about your class and some are considering contacting you soon. I hope that I never have to use my revolver but I feel safer now and I am reading everything I can about the laws of carring a revolver. I have to get use to carrying it. Again, thank you and may God bless you and yours. I almost forgot to tell you what type of revolver I have, it's a Smith & Wesson 38 Special. It's light and feels right in my hand. I also got the holster and a lock box to keep it in. Again thanks."
- Ms. L. Ramsey, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
"Hey Rick! Your class was great... Early and Late all in one, but excellent! I gained a wealth of knowledge and that is what was most important for me. I definitely wanted to feel certain, sure, and comfortable when I completed the course. I would like to continue my training, so my next step is on to private lessons. I need to blow the middle out! Help!!! LOL - BTW...I'm glad that you took the time to address the questions, I have taken this course before and didn't complete it, because I left in the middle, there was no structure, not enough information, and too much ready...set...shoot! (A dangerous combination) So thanks again! You guys ROCK!!! Thanks,"
- Ms. M. Robinson, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
"Hello Rick, I really enjoyed taking your "Personal Protection In The Home (CCW/CPL) Class." I found it to be very thorough and informative. I also look forward to taking an advance course in firearm usage and safety if you decide to offer the course. Thank you and God Bless from a satisfied student!,"
- E.Willis, Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan 48329
"My fiancee and I took Rick's self-defense CCW/CPL class and it was one of the best classes I've sat in! We both have had past experience with different types of guns/firearms but wanted to get our CPL just in case and just to have it. We were interested in the focus on self-defense because we felt we were already comfortable with guns safety/respect. This class was hands down the best class we could have taken! Not only was the class energetic and high spirited, we were also emotionally prepared for using a firearm for personal protection. We were also prepped on the lifestyle changes that come with carrying a pistol. The instructors that accompanied Rick were great, they made a great team. The coaching at the range was a nice finish to the day. We have told many of our family and friends about our great experience and have encouraged them to even travel 3+ hours to Detroit for the weekend just to take THIS class!"
- Kristen & Bill, Dearborn Heights, Wayne County, Michigan
"I recently attended Rick's class so that I could obtain my Michigan CPL. He is extremely professional, yet relaxed, and kept the class interesting, exciting, and informative. He covered a lot of information regarding the laws, how to handle situations should they arise, gun/ammunition types, gun selection, and most importantly safety. I would recommend this class to anyone from the the most seasoned of gun owners to the novice who has never even held a gun before. Rick showed us proper shooting stances and techniques and the best ways to optimize accuracy. He also will stop right away to answer any questions that may come up. For all of these reasons and more, Rick will be my first stop for all of my self defense needs. Thanks Rick!!!"
- Mr. Dave B., Clawson, Oakland County, Michigan
"If you are even thinking about carrying a concealed weapon for personal protection, Rick's class is the absolute first step you need to take in preparing. You will learn everything you need to know to protect yourself -- not only with your concealed pistol, but also from the authorities if you should ever have the unfortunate circumstance to use your weapon in self-defense. You will get the necessary legal information to know how to respond to the police and what to say and what not to say to the 911 operator if you should have to make that call. Rick doesn't take shortcuts. Rick and his associates take the necessary time to show you the proper way to clear and handle a firearm. Take the class, you will be glad you did! Thanks for all you are doing! Regards,"
- Mr. D. Schmidt, Clinton Twp., Macomb County, Michigan
"Hey Rick! I want to thank you for providing such a vital service to the community. Everyone who cares about their safety and their freedom needs to be educated on how best to secure both, and I can't think of anyone better equipped to teach them than you. Your class was very informative, and as the instructor you were very knowledgeable on every aspect of gun ownership and usage and very patient with the many questions I asked- and had a ready answer for all of them! I would certainly - and have already- suggest anybody looking for a CPL go to you first."
- Mr. B. Tilley, Eastpointe, Macomb County, Michigan 48021
"Rick, Thanks for providing me this opportunity, it was very informative and I would definitely recommend your class to others. Take care!"
- Ms. M. Woods, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan 48034
"As an attorney and just as a regular citizen of Michigan, I cannot say enough good things about Rick's Firearm Academy. Rick Ector and his other instructors provided excellent training and instruction and managed to make a normally dry subject interesting and entertaining. They were patient, knowledgeable, skilled, and talented in communicating important information about gun safety, personal protection, and security. I learned a lot from Rick Ector and his staff. The info is extremely useful to my every day life, as I try to protect myself. I was so impressed with Rick and his staff that I intend to take more courses from Rick's Firearm Academy. I am very lucky to have learned about Rick's Firearm Academy, which should be a must for all Michigan residents. Rick Ector and his staff know their stuff and turned a day of training and instruction on rules - regarding firearm safety and concealed pistol licenses - into an interesting experience that benefited me and my safety. I will take the valuable information they imparted to me into my everyday life as I try to make myself more secure from crime and threats. Well, worth the money. In fact, it's a bargain."
- Ms. D. Schlussel, Attorney-At-Law, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan 48034
"Hello Rick, I just wanted to inform you how insightful your CPL class was. Not only did you and Damian educate me better on the usage of a firearm but you also helped me with being aware of my surroundings and how I am approached by strangers as well. I am in the sales and marketing profession for an aluminum manufacturer. I am often in rural and industrial areas and I am much more comfortable after taking your class. I now have better firearm knowledge, know the difference of taking cover, and have knowledge of when it is illegal to shoot when you have been victimized. I have recommended your class to most of my friends who have an interest; some have handled firearms, but they will find that they too need to take your class. I have every intention to stay in contact for additional training and updates. Thanks again. Regards,"
- Mr. M. Jackson, Sales and Marketing Executive, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48206
"Hey! I just wanted to let u know that I really enjoyed your class and since then I've referred a few of my co-workers to participate just this past month and they also enjoyed themselves and learned a whole about carrying a concealed weapon. Expect more of my coworkers to take the class. On behalf of me and Wayne County Roads keep up the Great Work!!! :-))"
- Ms. D. Montgomery, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48235
"Rick, your CCW class was great. I have the knowledge of how to use a firearm safely without harming myself or others. Since I attended your class (July 12, 08) I have told a lot of my female friends and co-workers about the importance of obtaining a CCW for personal protection due to the rough times we are living in. Since July, I have had four female friends, who have been robbed at gun point. Luckily, none of them were injured during the attacks. I will tell any female to get a CCW - it's bad, times are hard, and if you're out late live or live alone, you need that extra protection for peace of mind."
- Ms. J. Burse, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48213
"Hello Rick! This is [Name With-held] from the August 24 class. I just wanted you to have my email address to receive information about changes in the law and whatever else you may think I need to know. Thank you and I enjoyed the class."
- Mr. G. Fields, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48204
"First of all, let me express how pleased I was with your rapport with your students. 8am-6pm is a loooooong time, but in your class it didn't seem that way. You were informative, knowledgeable about the subject, and willing to address concerns. Thanks for helping me to reach my goal of obtaining a CPL. See ya on MYSPACE!"
- Ms. L. Gray-Anner, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, 48219
"I want to thank you for your professionalism in the way you conduct yourself in making sure that your students have full knowledge of gun ownership and their responsibilities. Also, you are the only class that I have heard of that brings in an actual lawyer to discuss important and legal aspects of gun ownership.I have and will recommend your class to anyone who is interested in CCW ownership. P.S I love walking around armed. Your friend,"
- Mr. H. Lee, Dearborn, Wayne County, Michigan, 48124
"I must say that I truly enjoyed the class and learned more than what I thought I knew about having a gun and the laws of a CCW. I very much want to thank you, Rick, for all that you have given me in the class - the knowledge of knowing when and why to use my Glock 40 caliber gun. I have told some of my friends and they will call you to get set up for the next class, so they can get their CCW permits. At one point I did feel that I didn't need the class because my old man is a cop and I felt he was going to tell me all that I needed to know about guns, how to use them, where to shoot, and why. But no no no I went to your class and relearned not only what he told me, but a lot more. The class is fun, quick, easy to learn what to do, and what not to do. You even told us why you should do and not to do certain things. I will keep every bit of info that I learned and more on my daily day of life. Thank you "Mr. Rick 9mm." Please let me know when that class for my next level of learning starts. May God bless you and yours,"
- Mr. M. Williams, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, 48202
"Rick and his team run a top-notch class focusing on safe, effective, and responsible pistol ownership and operation. It was entertaining, educational, and very complete. My wife and I walked away extremely satisfied and confident in our new skills and knowledge. No matter what your background or level of experience is, this class is perfect for anyone who is interested in protecting themselves and gaining the piece of mind that all law abiding citizens deserve."
- Mr. J.D., Macomb County, Michigan
"I found the class to be very informative. Rick delivered information in a way to be understood, interactive, and enjoyable - not boring. I would take other classes that Rick teaches. Thank you for a good experience."
- Ms. K. Dolgos, Redford, Wayne County, Michigan 48239
"Rick, I really enjoyed your CCW Class and found it to be very informative. Having an attorney come in to speak about various laws and priviledges with the permit was very helpful. I would have enjoyed more instruction and shooting time at the range. It was a good class, very efficient, and informative. I will be sure to pass along your name to anyone considering a CCW."
- Mr. B. Jaussi, Novi, Oakland County, Michigan 48575
"Rick, prior to taking your class, my thought process was to arm and protect myself in this violent world in which we live in. You have taught me that owning and carrying a firearm also brings much more responsibility. This decision was not taken lightly and forced me to research firearms, perfecting the fit (size does matter), practice handling a firearm, loading and unloading the magazine, in addition to understanding the regulations and laws associated with owning and carrying a firearm. I just wanted to thank you and your associates with all the valuable information required to obtain a CCW license."
- Ms. T. Clifton, Harper Woods, Wayne County, Michigan 48225
"Rick, from the very beginning you showed a very professional demeanor. You also did this while being a friendly guy. You extended your knowledge, experience, and information, in a fun way but when it came time to get critical info or techniques across you became very serious to get the point across effectively. I totally appreciated your class and when I am ready to advance in my training in the area of becoming a 'PROFESSIONAL' in the use of a sidearm I will be in touch. I am sorry it took so long to get back to you but I pray that 'better late than never' applies. Sincerely"
- Mr. M. Kleckler, Ferndale, Oakland County, Michigan 48220
"Mr. Ector's class was well worth the fee. He was very informative. He really was an excellent teacher. Under his instruction I learned more than I had planned. The things that I thought I knew about guns and their use was all wrong. He made the class easy and made me feel comfortable at the range. If you are getting a gun permit, his class is definitely the one to take."
- Ms. C. Boyce, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48205
"I appreciate the realness of the seriousness in obtaining a CCW/CPL. The class was informative, especially the lawyer and how the both of you agreed and disagreed on handling certain situations. However, I wished we could have practiced even longer at the range. I am going to recommend you and your class, for first-hand knowledge, to anyone who didn't have a clue, such as myself. Thank you!!!"
- Ms. A. Gilliard-Garner, RN, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48235
“It was a great class – a bit long – but it had great information. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”
- Ms. S. Jones, Redford, Wayne County, Michigan 48239
"Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit CCW class provided an excellent introduction to understanding personal firearm basics, personal safety best practices, ccw application procedural instructions, and legal implications with firearm ownership. Rick Ector and his assistant kept the class interesting with sharing personal experiences, demonstrating basic firearm techniques, discussing legal matters with a lawyer, and concluding with an exciting practice session at the firing range. Whether or not you pursue a CCW application, this class is certainly a memorable one."
- Mr. N. Franklin, Automotive Engineer, Rochester Hills, Oakland County, Michigan 48309
"This class is highly recommended. If you want to know the advantages and benefits of concealed carry and of firearm ownership, this class is for you. You may go in a skeptic, but you will come out a believer."
- Mr. N. Hardeman, Business Owner, Canton, Wayne County, Michigan 48188
"The class was very informative. My understanding of firearms has been definitely increased."
- Ms. P. Hardeman, Canton, Wayne County, Michigan 48188
"Dear Rick, I enjoyed your class due to your good teaching. Like you, I also believe in community care and withdrawal from potentially bad situations. Your class has already saved my life before I was finalized for my CCW. I will always have with me your training and skills. We are living in a time where we all need a CCW. Take Care.

(C)ommunity Helper
(R)ange Safety

P.S. I always remember a great instructor."
- Ms. O. Gray, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48205
"Rick, I think that the Personal Protection Class was great. I also believe having the attorney present for questions was also great. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in a personal protection firearm class."
- Mr. E. Jackson, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48235
"Dear Mr. Rick Ector, I was in your class and really enjoyed it. I really thought that you were very helpful and you made me understand how important was all of the information that you gave us for safety reasons. I do appreciate your service and keep up the good work!"
- Mr. A. Gjergji, Sterling Heights, Macomb County, Michigan 48312
"Rick, you're great! You taught me everything that I didn't know. You did a great job! Just the class was too long. I guess that's not up to you. That's the state's fault or the federal government's. Thank you. You were great!"
- Mr. W. N. Kiryakoza, Farmington Hills, Oakland County, Michigan 48331
"The firearm training class was very useful to me. The class taught me skills to protect myself and my family. Everyone should take a CCW class from Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit. Thank you."
- Mr. A. Lewis, Auto Industry Worker, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48227
"Rick, Sorry that it has taken me so long to thank you. Although the class alone can't protect me or my family from danger, it has improved our ability to defend ourselves. The techniques and information that we covered in the class have taught me to be more aware and prepared period. I am more confident and comfortable when I leave home, knowing that I'm better prepared to address potentially dangerous confrontational situations. Once again thank you and I look forward to Session II (Personal Protection Outside The Home Course)."
- Mr. A. L. Odell III, Auto Industry Employee, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan 48075
"Hello Rick. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Just to let you know, I've got my CCW license and I bought a 9mm S+W (M&P) semi-automatic. I had intentions of getting a revolver, but a fter seeing and shooting your semi-automatic, I changed my mind. As for your class, I found that you were not only knowledgeable but you were also enthusiastic. What really impressed me was the fact that when we went to the gun range, I was a little short on money, you were kind enough to let me use your gun. This is what convinced me to buy a 9mm. I appreciate your help and I would (and do) recommend your class to anyone wanting to get their permit. Thank you."
- Mr. C. W. Miller, Retiree, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48219
"Rick Ector's firearm safety class provides a comprehensive introduction to the possession and use of firearms for personal defense. The knowledge gained in this class is invaluable to both novices and experienced firearm owners. Mr. Ector's sincere presentation of the materials is insightful and serves as a reminder of the care and safety which must be exercised when using firearms. The course is taught in a comfortable environment which is not intimidating to the first-time gun user. Any gun owner can benefit from taking this course."
- Mr. J. Boyer, Attorney At Law, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48207
"Hi Rick! First of all I want to thank you for your help that you put your time with us to teach us about firearms and the rules and shooting. I want to tell you that the lessons were so interesting and clear and I got what I want. And now I feel I understand everything such as rules, safety, and etc. Best Regards."
- Mr. H. Mansour, Farmington Hills, Oakland County, Michigan 48127
"Thank you, thank you, thank you is all I can say due to your leadership in the classroom as well as at the firing range. I took the time to get a better understanding of the privilege to carrying a CCW. The class is not boring and the time flew by because the information was very interesting and kept my attention. The time spent was well worth it."
- Mr. J. M. Brown Jr., Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48235
"The class was quick, easy, and simple. It was straight to the point with a real lawyer to answer questions about the law. Plus, the firing range training was excellent - top class. Simply put, they are the best."
- Mr. V. J. Starks, Auto Industry Worker, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48235
"Rick Ector, you are a very funny man but very knowledgeable in the firearms department: 'It is not a bullet; it is called a round of ammunition!' 'Do not call it a weapon; it is a gun!' '8-1/2 x 11 center mass - it is going to be on the test!' I had a great time in the class. The eight hours really went quick. Keep up the good work, Rick!"
- Ms. D. R. Lambert, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48224
"I think the class was very informative. I learned a lot of things about guns that I had never learned before. You kept me entertained throughout the class."
- Ms. B. North, Clinton Township, Macomb County, Michigan 48035
“The firearms training that I received from Rick Ector’s class was very good. I learned a lot of things about guns and the other stuff that goes along with carrying guns. The course tells you about the law, which you are going to have to know. The best part of the course was the gun range. Hands on training is the best way to learn. I hope everybody, who is eligible, go and take Mr. Ector’s course. It is a lot of fun and you won’t be disappointed at all.”
- Mr. C. B. Fisher, Auburn Hills, Oakland County, Michigan 48326
“Rick, it’s been a while since I took your course, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the experience. When I signed up, I had no idea of what to expect, but I found a warm and fun environment to learn the ins and outs of obtaining my CCW. There was a lot of information put out that day, and because there were so many real life examples, rather than just throwing out facts, I have been able to retain a lot. It’s funny how much my awareness of my environment has improved. I notice things I did not see before taking the class, and I feel I am better prepared to protect myself and my family. Thanks for the training and let me know when you plan to expand your training program. Regards,
- Mr. J. Grady, Network Engineer, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48206
“Rick, sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. I think the military version of weapons safety is much easier to absorb:

1) Treat all as loaded.
2) Never point at anything you do not intend to shoot.
3) Keep finger straight and off the trigger until ready to fire.
4) Keep weapon on safe until ready to fire.
5) Keep unloaded until ready to use.

A nice ditty is ‘Treat, never, keep, keep.’ The class was informative but I would have liked to have seen more range time, tactics, and dry fire exercises. If you don’t teach these things, in my opinion, some people may shoot themselves with their own firearm. Overall, you did a great job and I have no problem referring people to your class. I did get my permit last month. Thanks.”
- Mr. M. A. Russo, Ex-Military and Current Business Owner, Madison Heights, Oakland County, Michigan 48071
“I enjoyed the training, learned a lot, and would refer someone to you any day. Thank you for my training. It helped a lot.”
- Mr. R. L. Jones, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48219
“The CCW/CPL class was awesome! I definitely will recommend your training class. I don't mind at all if you use the contents of my email for your testimonial file. Thanks!”
- Mr. S. Alexander, Federal Government Employee, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan 48075
“Hello Rick, I apologize for the delay. I truly enjoyed your class! You did not only inform me about guns and gun safety but also about general safety rules on how to stay alert! I wish we would have had more time at the gun range. Having never even touched a gun, I was initially unaware on how to load the ammunition (I felt like a girl! LOL) Also, I believe we shot between 30-60 rounds. I wish we could have spent more time learning how to load the ammunition into the magazine. Also, I wished we could have spent an additional 60-90 minutes at the gun range. Or maybe just another 4 hour class on ‘How to load the gun’ and an additional 2 hrs at the range. Thank you and I hope all is well.”
- Ms. L. Johnson, Business Owner, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan 48037
“Rick, I learned a lot from the class. It was interesting and kept my attention. The facilities were nice. I do have a suggestion - Have a handout for individuals to follow along in the book. Regards,”
- Ms. R. Reese, Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan 48152
"Rick, the class was great. It was a great use of time. I'll write others to attend your class."
- Mr. S. Robinson, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48228
“Thanks Rick! I truly enjoyed the class and even more so the gun range. :-} I will be getting at you for the marksmanship training! You do great work! Wishing you even greater prosperity in ‘08, thanks for giving us the means to stay safe.”
- Ms. T. Petty, Redford, Wayne County, Michigan 48239
“Hello Rick, I just wanted to thank you once again for the class. It was great information. Actually I did not know a lot of things that was taught to me. Even if you do not want to carry a gun and just want to have one in your home, the class is very useful. I have and will continue to recommend the class to everyone. It was taught in a great timely fashion, and material was explained very professionally. Thanks again!”
- Ms. S. Hardrick, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan 48075
“Hi Rick: I just wanted to thank you again for the knowledge that you taught me and the class today. I didn't think I would ever get over the fear, but after the shooting range in particular, I believe I have now overcome that problem. I will be sure to pass along the class information and will put others up onto the class and what it has to offer."
- Name and Location With-held By Request
“Hey Rick! I loved the class, I also learned so much! I remember you saying something about another shooting class? Do you have the web site for them?”
- Mr. G. Reeves, New Haven, Macomb County, Michigan 48048
“Rick, I want to thank you again for the class. It was very informational and helpful to my knowledge as to how to properly use and store a sidearm as well as knowing the whole concept of personal and family self-defense. Bringing in an attorney to answer legal questions was a huge plus. You mentioned something about an advanced class where there are tactical concepts and other aspects of pistol training. I may be interested in taking that class in the future. Would you have any information on that? The range was a great experience. All the information being said was one thing, but nothing beats the experience to tie in the practical use to what was being taught in class in terms of properly handling a sidearm and to follow all the safety rules regarding it. Thanks again very much! If I have any questions I will be sure to contact you. You have been a great instructor. Sincerely,”
- Mr. H. Sam, Sterling Heights, Macomb County, Michigan 48312
“Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit's CPL Class is very informative and well presented. I am thankful for the experience and will recommend this class to anyone I come into contact with.”
- Mr. C. H. Brown, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48235
“Hello, Rick! Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you but I do want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed your class. As you know by now, I have sent many people to you to take your class and will continue to send more your way. Thank you for everything!”
- Ms. R. Beasley, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48204
"Hi Rick! Your class was awesome! I learned way more than I thought possible. The time flew by and I really appreciated the fact that you actually had a lawyer present to answer questions. Take care! Sincerely,”
- Ms. M. McKivens, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan 48108
"Mr. Ector: I very much enjoyed your firearm safety class on February 24, 2008. I have been around guns (weapons for us military types) all of my life. Your comments about Rule Number Zero, "All weapons will be treated as if they are loaded even if we have confirmed that they are not," is a basic rule and is one that I learned as a child on the farm in Pennsylvania. The class was very informative and your repeated insructions and demonstrations on the important safety precautions, that each of us will need to follow to prevent accidents, was outstanding. The additional information provided from your legal counsel was also very good. In summary, I will recommend anyone seeking to learn about handguns attend your class. You have my permission to quote from my comments and use those quotations in your ads, brochures, mailings, and other marketing promotions. Good Luck! Thanks for the class."
- Mr. R. W. Bryson, Harrison Township, Macomb County, Michigan 48045
"I have been involved with firearms since I was 12 years old. I am an avid hunter and I also participate in various shotgun sports like Sporting Clays and Skeet. My experience with handguns has been minimal and I have thought about participating in a class like this for quite a long time. I have several friends that have taken a similar class and earned the CCW/CPL permits and after talking to Rick about his class and asking questions about the class experiences of my other friends I decided to sign up for Rick's class. I think this was a great decision and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. The format of the class was very informal and participative. Rick does a great job involving those in the class with questions and in doing so gets people to participate and absorb the material. I really like the inclusion of an attorney to discuss the legalities and Rick's questions at the appropriate time to emphasize points the attorney was making. The two of them have a great rapport and it really helped move the class along. The class flowed along at a great pace and kept everyone's attention for the whole time. Personally - I learned a bad habit in firing a handgun for my two hand position which definitely put my left thumb at risk for firing a semiautomatic pistol. Rick's watchfull eye saved my thumb at the right time. Old habits are hard to break and I'm glad for the one-on-one range time and his help. Thanks Again for a great class Rick!"
- Mr. A. Kropiewnicki, Oxford, Oakland County, Michigan 48370
“Hey Rick, I want to thank you for your help and time with me in class; it was very informative. I learned a lot of things that I had never learned before. I wish that class was a little bit longer. Keep up the good work! Thank you,”
- Mrs. C. Smith, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48204
"Hey Rick! Had an amazing time today, you guys were so great with all of us, made every one of us understand it all so very well! Thank you so much for everything today! Talk to you soon!"
- Mr. R. Crotty, Centerline, Macomb County, Michigan 48015
“I enjoyed the class. It was interesting and everything was explained very clearly. It had lots of helpful info. The only problem was not enough range time. I would like more shooting time at the range. Thank you very much. I enjoyed the class very much.”
- Ms. V. Donahue, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48235

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