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CCW/CPL Class Student Testimonials
The Following Are On File In Our Office:

"Rick, Sorry that it has taken me so long to thank you. Although the class alone can't protect me or my family from danger, it has improved our ability to defend ourselves. The techniques and information that we covered in the class have taught me to be more aware and prepared period. I am more confident and comfortable when I leave home, knowing that I'm better prepared to address potentially dangerous confrontational situations. Once again thank you and I look forward to Session II (Personal Protection Outside The Home Course)."
- Mr. A. L. Odell III, Auto Industry Employee, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan 48075
"Hello Rick. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Just to let you know, I've got my CCW license and I bought a 9mm S+W (M&P) semi-automatic. I had intentions of getting a revolver, but after seeing and shooting your semi-automatic, I changed my mind. As for your class, I found that you were not only knowledgeable but you were also enthusiastic. What really impressed me was the fact that when we went to the gun range, I was a little short on money, you were kind enough to let me use your gun. This is what convinced me to buy a 9mm. I appreciate your help and I would (and do) recommend your class to anyone wanting to get their permit. Thank you."
- Mr. C. W. Miller, Retiree, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48219
"Rick, from the very beginning you showed a very professional demeanor. You also did this while being a friendly guy. You extended your knowledge, experience, and information, in a fun way but when it came time to get critical info or techniques across you became very serious to get the point across effectively. I totally appreciated your class and when I am ready to advance in my training in the area of becoming a 'PROFESSIONAL' in the use of a sidearm I will be in touch. I am sorry it took so long to get back to you but I pray that 'better late than never' applies. Sincerely,"
- Mr. M. Kleckler, Ferndale, Oakland County, Michigan 48220
“Rick, I want to thank you again for the class. It was very informational and helpful to my knowledge as to how to properly use and store a sidearm as well as knowing the whole concept of personal and family self-defense. Bringing in an attorney to answer legal questions was a huge plus. You mentioned something about an advanced class where there are tactical concepts and other aspects of pistol training. I may be interested in taking that class in the future. Would you have any information on that? The range was a great experience. All the information being said was one thing, but nothing beats the experience to tie in the practical use to what was being taught in class in terms of properly handling a sidearm and to follow all the safety rules regarding it. Thanks again very much! If I have any questions I will be sure to contact you. You have been a great instructor. Sincerely,”
- Mr. H. Sam, Sterling Heights, Macomb County, Michigan 48313
"Rick Ector, you are a very funny man but very knowledgeable in the firearms department: 'It is not a bullet; it is called a round of ammunition!' 'Do not call it a weapon; it is a gun!' '8-1/2 x 11 center mass - it is going to be on the test!' I had a great time in the class. The eight hours really went quick. Keep up the good work, Rick!"
- Ms. D. R. Lambert, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48224
“Hello Rick, I just wanted to thank you once again for the class. It was great information. Actually I did not know a lot of things that was taught to me. Even if you do not want to carry a gun and just want to have one in your home, the class is very useful. I have and will continue to recommend the class to everyone. It was taught in a great timely fashion, and material was explained very professionally. Thanks again!”
- Ms. S. Hardrick, Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan 48075
"Rick, prior to taking your class, my thought process was to arm and protect myself in this violent world in which we live in. You have taught me that owning and carrying a firearm also brings much more responsibility. This decision was not taken lightly and forced me to research firearms, perfecting the fit (size does matter), practice handling a firearm, loading and unloading the magazine, in addition to understanding the regulations and laws associated with owning and carrying a firearm. I just wanted to thank you and your associates with all the valuable information required to obtain a CCW license."
- Ms. T. Clifton, Harper Woods, Wayne County, Michigan 48225
"Mr. Ector's class was well worth the fee. He was very informative. He really was an excellent teacher. Under his instruction I learned more than I had planned. The things that I thought I knew about guns and their use was all wrong. He made the class easy and made me feel comfortable at the range. If you are getting a gun permit, his class is definitely the one to take."
- Ms. C. Boyce, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48205
"I want to thank you for your professionalism in the way you conduct yourself in making sure that your students have full knowledge of gun ownership and their responsibilities. Also, you are the only class that I have heard of that brings in an actual lawyer to discuss important and legal aspects of gun ownership.I have and will recommend your class to anyone who is interested in CCW ownership. P.S I love walking around armed. Your friend,"
- - Mr. H. Lee, Dearborn, Wayne County, Michigan, 48124
"Rick and his team run a top-notch class focusing on safe, effective, and responsible pistol ownership and operation. It was entertaining, educational, and very complete. My wife and I walked away extremely satisfied and confident in our new skills and knowledge. No matter what your background or level of experience is, this class is perfect for anyone who is interested in protecting themselves and gaining the piece of mind that all law abiding citizens deserve."
- - Mr. J.D., Macomb County, Michigan
"Hi Rick! Your class was awesome! I learned way more than I thought possible. The time flew by and I really appreciated the fact that you actually had a lawyer present to answer questions. Take care! Sincerely,”
- - Ms. M. McKivens, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan 48108
“I enjoyed the training, learned a lot, and would refer someone to you any day. Thank you for my training. It helped a lot.”
- - Mr. R. L. Jones, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan 48219
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FAQs: Michigan CCW/CPL Process

Michigan CCW/CPL Process Questions

  • How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For A Michigan CCW/CPL?
    Generally speaking, an applicant should allow two to three months for the entire process. In truth, some counties process their applicants more expeditiously than others. Moreover, some county gun boards still require applicants to appear before the county gun board, thus, the total time required for the entire process may vary widely.

  • Where Do I Apply For A Michigan CCW/CPL?
    You would apply at your respective County Clerk's office.

  • How Do I Apply For A Michigan CCW/CPL?
    You will be required to submit the following to your County Clerk's office:

    • A completed but unsigned CPL Application
    • Proof of completion of an acceptable Basic Pistol Safety Training Class
    • A set of two passport sized photos
    • Submission of your fingerprints
    • Application fee of $105

    Note: Many County Clerk's offices are facilitized to take your photos and fingerprints on-site. Call ahead before go.

  • My County Clerk's Office Is Not Facilitized To Take My Pictures. Where Can I Have Them Taken?
    Your local major chain drugstore with a photo processing station can take your pictures. Expect to pay about $10.

  • My County Clerk's Office Is Not Facilitized To Take My Fingerprints. Where Can I Have Them Taken?
    Your CPL Application Fee includes payment for your fingerprints to be taken by your county Sheriff's office. Call them to set up an appointment. Also, you could have your local police dpartment take your prints for an additional fee of about $15.

  • What Constitutes An Acceptable Basic Pistol Safety Training Certificate?
    According to PA 254 of 2004, the course completion certificate shall have the following elements:

    • A statement that the named student successfully completed the class.
    • A statement certifying that "This course complies with section 5j of 1927 PA 372."
    • The printed name of the firearms instructor.
    • The signature of the firearms instructor.

  • What Are The Basic Pistol Safety Training Class Requirements Specified In Section 5j Of 1927 PA 372?
    A valid Basic Pistol Safety Training Class must meet the following requirements:

    • The class must be at least eight hours in length.
    • Five hours of the class must provide instruction on the following topics:

      • Safe Storage, Handling, And Use Of A Pistol
      • Ammunition Knowledge
      • Pistol Shooting Fundamentals
      • Firearms Law (including deadly force and civil liability)
      • Avoiding Criminal Attacks
      • Controling Violent Encounters
      • Concealed Pistol Laws
      • Three Hours of Firing Range Training
      • Firing A Minimum Of 30 Ammunition Rounds

    • The course shall issue a compliant certificate.
    • The firearms instructor teaching the class must be certified by a state or national organization.

  • What Is The Penalty For Giving A County Gun Board A Fraudulent Certificate?
    The applicant and the instructor are both subject to a felony conviction punishable by imprisonment not to exceed four years, or a fine of not more than $2,500, or both.

  • Who Is Qualified To Teach The Basic Pistol Safety Class?
    The qualifications specified in PA 254 of 2004 require that firearms instructors teaching this course are "certified by this state or a national organization." Accordingly, the state of Michigan has declared that the Michigan Commission On Law Enforecement Standards (MCOLES) will certify instructors on its behalf. In contrast, the National Rifle Association (NRA) - a national organization - certifies its instructors to teach this class (i.e. Personal Protection in the Home) and many others on a national basis. All instructors authorized to teach this class - MCOLES or NRA certified - will have credentials attesting to their authorization that they can present to you for confirmation.

  • Where Can I Obtain A Michigan CCW/CPL Application?
    You can get an application from any of the following locations:

    • Your County Clerk's Office
    • Your Local Law Enforcement Agency
    • Your County Sheriff's Office
    • Your Closest Michigan State Police Post
    • Your Firearms Instructor

  • How Much Is The Application Fee For A Michigan CCW/CPL?
    The application fee is currently $105 and is paid at your respective County Clerk's office.

  • At What Point Does A CPL Expire?
    A CPL expires fives years after issuance. At this point in time, it must be renewed or it will expire.

  • How Do I Renew My CPL?
    Three months before your CPL expires submit the following to your County Clerk's office:

    • A completed and unsigned CPL Application
    • A set of two passport sized photos
    • An Application fee of $105
    • A statement confirming you have reviewed the Pistol Training Course for three hours
    • A statement confirming you have had one hour of firing range time in the previous six months

    Note 1: You will not be required to be re-fingerprinted if your prints are on file with the electronic scanning system.
    Note 2: You should staple your application fee receipt to your CPL until your replacement permit arrives.
    Note 3: Your County Clerk's office may be facilitized to take your photo. Call ahead to check.

  • My CPL Is About To Expire. Do I Need To Retake The Basic Pistol Safety Training Class?
    No. However you may wish to retake the class so that you can be advised as to how the CPL laws have changed in the last five years. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

  • My CPL Will Be Expiring Soon. I Have Since Moved To A Different County. Where Do I Apply For A Renewal?
    You would apply for a CPL renewal in your current county of residence.

  • I Lost/Misplaced My CPL. How Do I Get A Replacement?
    Inform your County Clerk's office of your loss. After you pay a $10 fee they will provide you with a replacement.

  • It's Been Four Months Since I Filed My CPL Application. Do I Need To Retake The Class?
    No. Call your gun board and politely ask for an update on the status of your application. If their explanation is not acceptable to you, immediately hire an attorney and file a suit in your local Circuit Court to force the gun board to issue your CPL.

  • The County Gun Board Wants To Ask Me Some Questions About My Background Before They Make A Ruling On My CPL Application? Should I Hire An Attorney?
    Yes. Any statements you make can and may be used against you in your aim to acquire a CPL. Further, your statements may harm your ability to wage an effective appeal. Hiring an attorney to represent you before the gun board is in your best interests.

  • My CPL Application Was Denied. Do I Have Any Options?
    Yes. You may file an appeal with your local Circuit Court. If the Court finds that the gun board was in error, it will order the gun board to immediately issue the license to the applicant. Further, if the Court finds that the gun board's rejection was capricious and arbitrary, the Court will order the state of Michigan to pay one-third of the applicant's court costs and legal fees. Also, the Court will order the county gun board to pay two-thirds of the applicant's court costs and legal fees. However, if the Court finds that the applicant's suit was frivolous, the applicant will be responsible for paying the actual court costs and the attorney fees of the gun board.

  • I Wish To File An Appeal Of My CPL Application's Rejection, However, The CPL Application Kit I Downloaded From The State's Web Site Did Not Include An Appeal Form. Where Can I Obtain One?
    The appeal form, Form CC79, can be obtained from your local Circuit Court or be downloaded from our web site on the "Articles" page.

  • I Was Recently Convicted Of A Misdemeanor Not Listed On The CPL Application. Is My CPL In Jeopardy Of Being Suspended or Revoked?
    Your local gun board may ask you to appear before them to answer any questions they may have about your misdemeanor conviction. If it feels that your possession of a CPL would be detrimental to your safety or some other person, they make take disciplinary action. Of course, the discipline administered against your CPL can challenged in your local Circuit Court.
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